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How To Pick Your Baby’s Going Home Outfit

I’m all about pseudo socializing via social network mom groups.  Today I saw a post from a mom who is currently expecting, she was asking about ideas for her little one’s “going home from the hospital outfit”. This brought on a little deja vu for me. I remember that when I was pregnant, many moms on my baby-center birth club were obsessed with buying the perfect outfit to take their baby home in. I hadn’t honestly thought about it a lot until all these women made me feel like I was clearly missing out on an important part of motherhood. I found myself repacking the hospital bag about 20 times to pick out the perfect going home outfit. Flash forward to getting ready to take Wesley home from the hospital; it turns out my chunky newborn didn’t fit into newborn clothes so well.  I luckily had packed a 0-3 outfit as well thanks to my mom telling me repeatedly how my brother wore the three month size from birth. So my husband and I lovingly dressed him in my perfectly coordinating second choice outfit. Five minutes later he had covered it with black baby poo, spit up, and pee.  My hours of browsing outfits on Pinterest turned out to be for naught.  Next time I have a baby, I’ll be bringing them home in a baby gown with some cute little design on it. In fact, they’ll probably live in baby gowns for at least the first month. Newborns are already cute and magical, you could put them in a potato sack and they’d still get coo-ed over. Also, speaking of Pinterest and potato sacks, I bet if you searched for it there’d be all these “rustic glam” newborn photoshoots involving bedazzled potato-sacks. If you don’t see them there, just you wait, it will happen.

If a special outfit for coming home from the hospital is really important to you, then you can always opt for a fancy, handmade baby gown.  Thankfully etsy is full of them;

chiclittlefeet joyfullymadeboutique thetinytrendsetter





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