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4 Tidbits I Learned from Being Sick Before Christmas

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Last week started with my baby cutting two teeth and waking up every 20 minutes all night long, that smoothly blended into him and I both having unpleasant head colds. But hey, nothing says holiday cheer like coughing and sneezing! No really, I checked on Time Hop and I’ve literally been sick this week of the year the last four years in a row. I have to admit that being sick while taking care of your sick kid is pretty much the worst thing ever, so shout out to my mom for dealing with that my whole life. Anyways, I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep or my clogged sinuses but lately I’ve been feeling pretty sassy, I’m not trying to put up with ANYONE’S nonsense. I’ve come to some realizations this week; some are (dare I say) at least a little wise and others might come in handy if you’re ever dealing with your own sick fiesta. I’ve noticed that I tend to do a lot of reflective thinking while I’m sick, it’s probably the drama queen in me being reminded of my mortality while sneezing my brains out. I’ve also noticed that at the end of the year people just love to make lists; so here is my list of things I learned while being sick;

  • I’m not pretty for a fat girl, I’m just pretty. If you can’t handle the fact that attractiveness is not dependent upon the size of a women’s love handles then you can just take your backhanded compliment and shove it. In my experience, people who are deeply insecure like to put others down.   But as people get older they lose the confidence to bully outright, instead they make passive aggressive backhanded compliments about anything and everything. Now I wasn’t actually told that I’m pretty for a fat girl but since I had my son, my belly has got this extra loose skin chilling there and my thighs are all thundery so I keep getting compliment solely on my face. Trust me, when you tell a fat girl “You’re pretty in the face” we know exactly what you mean. My husband loves my gigantic stretch mark covered hips, and you know what? They’re the only hips I’m ever gonna have so get the hell out of here with your negativity. This Christmas instead of making backhanded compliments say something genuine and truly kind or just keep your mouth shut.  It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat or in between – we’re all beautiful for reasons that are so much deeper than how we look.sickteething22'
  • So it was my bright idea to host Christmas this year, I wanted to have my family over and let Wesley enjoy Christmas in his own zone where he’d be more relaxed instead of dragging him out. I’m still excited about that but it does involve extra cleaning.  Which really sucks when you’re sick and the baby is sick and he just wants you to hold him while he drips snot onto your shirt. I did discover something brilliant due to this; you can clean the bathroom while the kid plays in the bath. Don’t use any harsh chemicals, obviously, but I’m a fan of natural cleaning supplies anyways. Also make sure you gather everything you need before you put them in the bath because you can’t step out to grab anything. My little man loves playing in the bath, even when he’s sick, so I was even able to mop the bathroom floor while he splashed around.
  • It’s completely cool to give used stuff to your kids for Christmas. The “big” items we got Wesley are all used, they’re in good condition but they’re either from consignment stores or thrift stores. I was feeling pretty guilty about this because of all the commotion I hear from people about gifts and shopping and money and blah blah blah. But being sick means I spend even more time browsing mom groups on facebook – turns out A LOT of moms gives their kids cool toys from yard sales or cute hats from consignment shops. It’s not even just the “poor” ones. If you think about it, it makes sense on so many levels. You’re spending less on each one without sacrificing quality, you’re doing good for the environment, you don’t have to brave black Friday shopping for deals, and you’re not feeding the monster consumer culture. In addition to that if your kid is under 5 they’re not going to notice the stuff is used and if they’re over 5 you’re teaching them to be a responsible non materialistic human being. Another bonus that I thought of; less packaging getting in the way of playing with their new gifts right away.sickteething23
  • It’s OK to ask for help. I know this seems obvious to some and over stated to others but rather it’s help getting gifts, help watching the sick baby so you can nap, or even asking people to bring a dish to the dinner you’re hosting… it’s OK. We’re all only human and no one can do it all. (Except Xena Warrior Princess aka Lucy Lawless) If you keep good people around you then they will be more than glad to help, just make sure you help them out when their turn to ask for help comes around.

So now that I’ve finished my list I’m going to go have another cup of coffee loaded with honey for my sore throat while the baby naps in preparation for our new family tradition of looking at lights and eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve, I think this tradition is gonna stick around. Thanks for reading and I hope that my lethargic writing proved to be at least a little entertaining for you, and Happy Holidays to all.


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